ModelsTied – The Worst Piano Player

This fine week it’s time for another nice and hot modelstied gallery to be shown off. And this one is super sexy too. We have to naughty and sexy country ladies getting naughty and wild for you and you get to enjoy front row seats to their little show as always. The blonde babe is practicing her piano, and her brunette friend tried to motivate her to do better today. Well she told her that she’d have to play the song perfectly or else she’s going to get tied up again and have her body all taken advantage of by her. Suffice to say that she did her best but she did manage to miss a few notes and that was the cue for the brunette to step in.

modelstied-piano-playerFor the start of this models tied scene, you get to see the brunette stop the blonde as she comes up to the blonde with some ropes. And she says to her that now it’s time for her little punishment session. Sit back and watch the sexy brunette tie up the naughty blonde nice and tight and to the chair. And then watch the brunette sexy babe as she starts to play with her blonde lady friend that can’t move now. See her unbutton her shirt, and watch as she starts to play with those big and round tits, massaging and squeezing them as much as she likes with the blonde moaning in pleasure with her mouth gagged. Enjoy the show everyone! Also you can click here and watch some similar videos and pics!

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